Kathrin Heyer, Nicholas Heiringhoff, Ute Hindahl

The new exhibition shows three artists whom I have known for a very long time and who are near and dear to me. Their works fascinate me by the consequence in which their own „vocabulary“ has  been developped over the years.

Kathrin Heyer confronts us with partly large-format prints which tell us little stories. They seem like illustrations from another time. In a linocut technique almost in the style of the old masters her compositions show the very elaborate origination process. 

Nicolas Heiringhoff's painting stays abstract and shows us intuitive insights that make personal feelings visible and yet go far beyond. It is that which is existential, fleeting in his works, which I've found fascinating for years. 

Ute Hindahl as a carver works with wood very much in her own way. She takes tree branches she has found, interprets and individualises them by adding body-like formations made of clay; subsequently both elements become a unity by the bronze casting. To me they seem like beings torn from nature, each for itself and as a group lonely and forlorn. It is a marvellous engagement with the human condition as such.